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Super Foods To STOP Hair Loss & INCREASE Hair Growth/Thickness- Strong Hair Tips For Women

Do you spend a lot of money at the drug store looking for the perfect combination of products to make your hair lustrous and strong but hardly notice results? Your daily hair care regime should start at home, not at the drugstore. That’s because your hair needs to be nurtured from the inside, in order to look its best. Adjusting your diet can play a big role in gaining healthier, shiny and beautiful hair.

Here we will tell you the best foods to eat to achieve think, healthy and shiny hair. From spinach, chia seeds, carrots, fish to Almonds and more, read till the end to learn about all of them.

1. Avocados:

Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fats, fatty acids and vitamin E, all of which can help promote nourished, shiny and strong hair. This healthy fruit is also surprisingly high in protein and rich in B vitamins. To keep your hair smooth and shiny, make avocados a part of your hair care routine as well as your regular diet. Take one avocado and mash up and apply directly to your hair as a moisturizing, nourishing treatment. Already thinking of avocado toast? What is your favorite avocado dish? Tell us quickly in the comments section below!   

2. Eggs:

Egg yolks are rich in fats and protein. They contain natural moisturizing properties. Egg whites remove unwanted oil and greasy buildup.  They are also full of biotin and Vitamin B that promotes hair growth and overall scalp health. A deficiency of biotin can cause brittle hair. The hydrating treatment yields striking results. You can also yield egg’s hair benefits by making it a part of your regular diet.

  • Treat your hair to these benefits by mixing two egg yolks and 1-2 tbsp of olive oil.
  • After shampooing, lather the egg treatment in your hair.
  • Let it set for 5-6 minutes, and rinse.

3. Figs:

Figs are a very nutrient rich food that can help reduce hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. If you have damaged and weak hair, you should have figs regularly. Further figs also help you get shiny and smooth hair texture by improving blood circulation. You can add figs to baked dishes, have it as preserves or by itself as dry fruit.

4. Cashew Nuts:

Linoleic and oleic acids are key to silky-smooth hair. Cashew Nuts are a great source of these two acids that enhance your hair’s texture and add luster to it. Not just that, cashew nuts are also loaded with copper which has been known to enhance your hair growth.

5. Chia Seeds:

Food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are a must for shiny hair. Chia seeds are not only filled with Omega-3s, but they also include powerful vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and protein, all of which encourage hair growth and strong hair. Plus, these seeds couldn’t be easier to add into your diet. Just sprinkle a spoonful into your morning glass of milk or breakfast smoothie and stir to mix. You can have chia seeds as it is as well.

6. Sweet Potatoes:

This yummy vegetable has amazing hair benefits. From providing moisture to promoting hair growth, sweet potatoes are your one-stop solution. It is loaded with Vitamin A which provides your hair with the required hydration and boosts your scalp’s natural oils. This provides unmatched hydration to thirsty strands, helps seal in moisture and add shine and luster to your hair. Deficiency of Vitamin A can make your hair brittle, lifeless and dull. Additionally, high levels of beta-carotene in sweet potatoes promotes hair growth and plays a major role in making them strong and healthy.

7. Spinach:

To maintain the health of your hair, it is essential to eat your greens. Green leafy vegetables go a long way in not only maintaining the health of your hair, but the essential vitamins and nutrients help nurse damaged hair back to health. Spinach has a high nutritional content and is filled to the brim with antioxidants. This prevents your hair from being damaged by environmental aggressors such as sun and pollution as well as improves the health of the scalp. It is also a rich source of vitamins K, A, C, B2, B6, B1, E. In addition, it also contains manganese, zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acid that penetrate your scalp to foster healthy hair growth. Another reason why spinach needs to be part of your diet for healthy hair is that it is full of vitamin B and C. These vitamins improve the collagen and keratin levels to add shine and speed up the hair growth process.

8. Carrots:

Famed for their role in keeping eyes healthy, carrots can also help to create a full head of hair. Thanks to vitamin A, these vegetables help you get that shiny, well-conditioned look by maintaining the natural oils in the hair and keeping your scalp in tip top condition. Being rich in vitamin A and their precursor nutrients, carotenoids, can also help protect your hair and skin from sun damage.

9. Cucumber:

Cucumbers have not received as much fame as other vegetables in terms of hair benefits. Cucumbers contain a unique combination of antioxidants which help your body get rid of free radicals. And the faster you rid these free radicals, the better it is for you. Free radical build up can cause problems like greying, hair loss and dullness. Cucumbers also have certain compounds that can detoxify and cleanse your body. With the system clean, your body is better able to absorb nutrients and nourish cells and tissues, including hair cells. Besides, cucumbers are a great source of silica, an essential mineral for the health of your hair. Silica strengthens and thickens hair and adds a lovely shine to it. Legumes: Legumes are rich in protein. They contain genistein, which can help reduce hair loss. Legumes also contain protein, which is needed for hair growth and improving hair shine. They also contain zinc and biotin. A biotin deficiency can make your hair brittle. Beans contain complex carbohydrates, which help convert protein into cells that form hair.

10. Fish:

Be it salmon, oysters, or mackerel, fish is one of the best foods ever for hair. They are loaded with Omega-3 fats which is very important for shining hair. Eating salmon regularly will help you do away with dull hair. It also contains amino acids and protein. Oysters are rich in dietary zinc, which is another important hair ingredient. Mackerel is another fatty fish, and along with sardines and anchovies, serves as a hair lubricant giving it a nice shine. Fishes also have a very short lifespan and so they are generally free of mercury and other toxins.

11. Pumpkin seeds:

You also need B vitamins to grow lush, beautiful hair. Pumpkin seeds naturally contain biotin orB7, which not only promotes the growth of strong, resilient tresses, but also encourages faster growth. Pumpkin seeds also contain vitamin C as well, which helps produce sebum, the body’s natural oil that conditions hair and gives it shine.

12. Seaweed:

An unusual food for getting shiny, healthy hair is seaweed. Seaweed may not sound delicious, but it’s highly nutritious. Sea veggies like nori and wakame are filled with iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are essential vitamins that can help you attain shiny hair. Radishes: Radishes are rich in vitamin C, silica, folate, and B6. They can contain antioxidants that help fight off the free radicals that cause oxidative damage to your scalp. Good scalp health is crucial for hair shiny hair. The antioxidants in radishes can lower the risk of dull hair and premature graying. Radishes also help dissolve mucus, which is key to better circulation, which helps more nutrients and oxygen circulate to your hair follicles for better shine and health. Did we mention that radishes are also a phenomenal source of iron? This essential mineral aids in improving circulation in your scalp, which is crucial for strong, healthy-looking hair. Almonds: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a list of healthy foods that almonds aren’t on, but did you know that they’re a great food for your hair? These nuts are extremely high in vitamin E, which is key for maintaining smooth, supple, hydrated skin. And the fact is, dehydrated skin can negatively affect circulation, leading to stunted hair growth, breakage and dullness. Lemon: The next time you’re looking to spice up your beverage, try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon into the mix. Lemons have a very high concentration of vitamin C, which helps to build collagen. This collagen production is vital in helping your hair to grow as well as helping your body to absorb iron, which strengthens the hair shaft. Lemon has a wide range of benefits apart from being good for your hair.

13. Whole Grains:

Yes, you heard that right. Whole grains, like pasta, bread and other delicious carbs, are actually good for your hair. Whole grains are high in Biotin, a B vitamin, which helps prevent hair breakage and increases hair strength and growth. They also contain high amounts of zinc that help to keep a dry scalp and hair loss at bay, both of which are essential for shiny luscious locks. Onions: Onions are a great source of Sulphur, which is nature’s beauty mineral because it aids in good blood circulation, reduce skin inflammation and promotes hair growth. Sulphur is found in all cells of your body and is particularly abundant in your hair, skin, and nails. Some first signs of a Sulphur deficiency are the loss of hair, brittle hair and nails and a dry skin. Although you have Sulphur in your body, it can only be obtained through food.

How much money do you spend on hair products every month? Would you rather try a healthy diet for shiny hair instead? Let us know in the comments section below!

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